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Jul 24

A Bad credit score can be an obstacle to your financial and life goals. It can limit you from qualifying for a mortgage, car, or business loan in Los Angeles, CA. And that can delay your journey to achieving financial freedom. But you can fix your credit by hiring a trusted Los Angeles credit repair services company. iMax Credit Repair Firm is a reliable credit repair company you can count on to improve your credit score. Here is what sets us apart from the rest.

We Have Experienced Credit Repair Specialists

If you want to get the best Los Angeles credit repair services, you should come to our firm. We have highly trained and experienced credit repair experts who will evaluate your credit and come up with a customized Credit Repair LA plan to fix your credit health. The team will assess your credit report and go to the creditors and bureaus to confirm the negative items on your report. They will negotiate with the creditors and work with the bureaus to remove the negative items on your report to improve your credit health.

You Pay Us when We Achieve Positive Results

As one of the best Los Angeles credit repair companies, we don't ask for upfront fees. We ask for payment when we help improve your credit score. If you don't see any positive results, you owe us nothing. But when we boost your credit score, and you can now qualify for business, mortgage, or car loans, you can pay us a reasonable fee.

We Guarantee Quick Results 

Most credit repair companies can take 12 -18 months to repair your credit. However, our credit repair LA company guarantees results in as little as 45 days. That means within 45 days; you can expect your credit score to go up so that you can appear attractive to potential lenders. Our team works extra hard and is provided with all the resources they need to achieve the best results within the shortest time possible.

We Can File Lawsuits On Your Behalf 

If a creditor forwarded inaccurate details about you to the bureaus, we can hold them responsible by filing lawsuits against them. Credit Repair Los Angeles should be careful not to list customers who have fulfilled their obligations. We can also file lawsuits against those who fraudulently used your details to open accounts and apply for loans. Also, we can file complaints with the bureaus to ensure your interests and rights are protected. 

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