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Customised lanyard Singapore

Oct 25

Customised Lanyard Singapore - All you need to know

Customised lanyard singapore can be an effective marketing tool . Aquaholic gives you the "The 101s on Customised Lanyards".


Why Choose a Customised Lanyard in Singapore? There's a lot to lanyards as an ID solution. Here are some key benefits.

Lanyards can be very cost-effective:

A quality customised lanyard singapore will give you more value for your marketing budget. Prices are usually determined by quantity. This gives you the opportunity to get discounts on monthly or annual orders. Lanyards are also available in a variety of lengths, widths, printing options, and accessories. Lanyards are one of the most cost-effective advertising media.

Functional lanyards can be used:

Because of their versatility, lanyards can be used for many purposes. Because of their versatility, lanyards can be used for many different events.

Lanyards are customizable with great branding options.

Because it features a large area for your logo and graphics, a custom-branded lanyard is easily visible when worn. You can also use it as a billboard to communicate your brand.



You should think about several things when ordering a Customisd Lanyard Singapore. Custom vs. printed options. Which accessories to choose.


Plain vs. Custom:

Security is the main concern at conferences, festivals, and events. It will contain your logo and any other content such as a message or other unique identifiers such as the date.

As mentioned, a custom-made Lanyard is the branding symbol. This gives your business an professional look.

Printing options:

The printing options you choose will depend on your budgetThere are two options for customizing lanyards: screen printing or full-color sublimation.

Screen printing is the application of ink to the surface of the lanyard using pressure and mesh screens.

Full color sublimation uses heat infusing ink directly into the fibers. This creates a lanyard with vivid colours and realistic imagery.


The attachment can be modified to fit your needs. These include ID wallets and ID cards, as well as mobile phone holder attachments.



  • Think about where your logo and other messaging should be placed. We will assist you in positioning your message and logo to make the most impact.
  • There are many sizes and lengths to choose from.
  • There are lanyards to fit every budget. Add accessories to make your lanyards more affordable.
  • The lanyard design should match your marketing materials and branding guidelines. You should also ensure that your logo is easy to recognize by using a high resolution image. This will ensure that you are able to promote your brand long after the event.
  • Use eco-friendly options to reduce carbon emissions. Click for more information.
  • Order your PVC ID cards and accessories with lanyards as soon as possible Get a 10% discount

Lanyards can be used as a marketing and advertising tool. Reach out to Aquaholic Gifts for your next customised lanyard Singapore